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The Shadow Lake 8 in 1961-1962

During this school year, there were many personnel changes to the group

Jerry Spray was now the leader because Rick had to go to active duty in the Air Force, Rick sometimes came back and played Bass, but mostly it was Jerry Halcomb, Jack “Kiwi” Land sometimes played, but Jerry had a friend named Sid Hester that became the "official" Drummer,  Bill Wallace was still there on Guitar, Bill Schooler became the Piano Player, Enoch Estep remained on Tenor,  Larry Langley joined the group on Alto Sax,  Kent Washburn remained on Bari, and Joe Pyle joined the group on Trumpet

The Shadow Lake Eight and The Del Chiffons (1961-1962)

Back Row (L-R) Bill Schooler, Bill Wallace, Alda Moore, Sid Hester, Connie Smith, Kandi Moore, Jerry Halcomb

Front Row( L-R) Enoch Estep, Larry Langley, Kent Washburn, Jerry Spray, Joe Pyle

The Shadow Lake Eight Orchestra playing for the OSU Varsity Revue (1962)

The Shadow Lake Eight Orchestra playing for the Bob Hope Show at OSU (1962)

When the summer of 1962 rolled around we were to go back to Noel, MO.

The group that initially went was: Dale Roark- Bass, Archie Barnes- Guitar, Sid Hester- Drums, Bill Schooler- Piano, Kent Washburn- Tenor Sax, Amos Meng-Alto Sax, Terry Mead- Trumpet, Jerry Spray- Trumpet and leader

During that summer many, many things happened. 

Sid flat quit, and was replaced by Bill Carter.  Bill ended up leaving shortly after he got there and went with a group called The Five Emcees..  He was then replaced by Zoot Freeman, (Dale and Archie's friend). Then Jerry Spray decides to give it up and go back to Ponca City. He was replaced by Bing Vassaur from Okmulgee, OK., and I take over as Leader.

So we ended that summer with the group made up of:

Kent Washburn- Tenor Sax and Leader

Dale Roark- Bass

Archie Barnes- Guitar

Zoot Freeman- Drums

Bill Schooler- Piano

Amos Meng- Alto Sax

Terry Mead- Trumpet

Bing Vassaur- Trumpet