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The Shadow Lake 8 in 1963-1964

The fall of 1963, when we returned to school at OSU, Dale left to go on his Mormon Mission and Bill Hieronymus took his place.  Alda went with her husband, Dean Harrington to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where he played for their Canadian Football League Team.... So that left only Kandi as our Vocalist for the School Year 1963-64.

The Shadow Lake Eight and Kandi Moore (1963-64)

Pictured (L-R)  Kent Washburn, Gary Washburn, Amos Meng, Archie Barnes, Bing Vassaur,

Bill Hieronymus, Terry Mead, Denny “Zoot” Freeman, Minita “Kandi” Moore

Again, we played all of the same places around the 4 state area, played Varsity Revue again, played for The Bob Hope Show again when he came back to the OSU campus for a show. 

The school year of 1963-64 was the last year that The Shadow Lake Eight was actually 8 pieces.  Bing Vassaur left at the end of school year to pursue his career, and Terry Mead left to start his teaching career.