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The Shadow Lake 8 in 1964-1965

At the end of that school year (1964) we went back to Rockaway Beach, but as a 6 piece group, and stayed a 6 piece group from then on.

The Shadow Lake Eight in 1964-65

Kent Washburn- Horns, Singer and Band Leader, Amos Meng- Horns and Comedian, Gary Washburn- B-3 Organ,

Archie Barnes- Guitar & Lead Singer, Denny Freeman- Drums and Singer, Bill Hieronymus- Bass and Trumpet

Also, that year (1964), my Father and Mother, Monard and Maxine Washburn, encouraged us to cut a record,  They put up the bucks for the recording, and the initial pressing.  The end result was the release of that very first 45 on The Emkay Label on "The Shadow Lake Eight, Power / South Parkway. (The EmKay Label was resurrected again in 1979 and released many of the productions that Kent did during his time in St Louis, working for CMC Studios.)

The record was a hit in the Tulsa area and in Springfield, MO, the closest big town to Rockaway Beach.  It charted on both KAKC in Tulsa and on KICK Radio in Springfield.  I will never forget driving back in to Tulsa as we returned from the summer in Rockaway Beach, and hearing them play that record on the radio while we drove.  We felt like a million bucks!!

Kandi had graduated in 1964, so for the school year 1964-65 we had a dynamic new lead singer named Vicki Beck from Tulsa, OK.  That school year we again spent the weekends playing many of the venues and college parties that have already been mentioned.

Vicki Beck (1964-65)