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The Shadow Lake 8 in 1966-1967

The 1966-67 School year was probably when the 6 piece group finally really came together as a real solid unit.  We were playing mainly in the Lounges and Dance Clubs throughout our 4-state area, and our “entertainment value” really took off. We all (individually and collectively) had aspirations of “making it” in the entertainment industry.

 In the summer of 1967 we went back on the road, being booked by The Joni Agency, playing clubs throughout the Midwest, Great Lakes and North East areas of the US. We also went to Memphis and hooked up with our old bass player, Dale Roark and cut 4 tracks at the legendary Sun Studios. These tracks were never released, as the end of the SL8 was upon us.



The ultimate demise of The Shadow Lake Eight was because of the Viet Nam War....


Gary Washburn (Kent’s brother) had opted not to go with Brenda Lee, and returned to college.

During that summer of 1967, we were offered a job of going on the road as Brenda Lee's traveling band and I got drafted into the Army all in the course of about two weeks.... Talk about being depressed...... I get to go to war, and everyone else gets to travel the world with a very successful legend.

This final “Shadow Lake Eight” (aka The Jades) was made up of the following:

Kent Washburn-Horns, Vocalist

Amos Meng- Horns & Comedian

Terry Mead- Brass Instruments and Vocals

Gary Washburn- Hammond B-3 Organ

Archie Barnes- Guitar and Lead Vocals

Denny Freeman- Drums and Vocalist

Gary kept the group going for a short while, but eventually turned it into a Jazz flavored trio called “The Gary Scott Trio”, which consisted of Gary on Organ, Mike Bruce on Guitar and David Riley on Drums. They played lounges and jazz rooms around Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and spent summers on the road throughout the Midwest, being booked by The Joni Agency.