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The Shadow Lake 8 - Contacts

The Shadow Lake 8 family appreciates all the support  our friends have given us throughout all these years. Feel free to email us at any time.  We would love to hear from you!

                 Alda Moore                              Alda@ShadowLake8.com

                 Bill Schooler                            BillS@ShadowLake8.com

                 Bing Vassaur                           Bing@shadowLake8.com

                 Dale Roark                              Dale@ShadowLake8.com

                 Gary Washburn                      Gary@ShadowLake8.com

                 Jack "Kiwi" Land                     Kiwi@shadowlake8.com

                 Jerry Halcomb                        JerryH@ShadowLake8.com

                 Jerry Spray                             JerryS@ShadowLake8.com

                 Jimmy Trease                         Jim@ShadowLake8.com

                 Joe Pyle                                  JoePyle@ShadowLake8.com

                 Kandi Moore                           Kandi@ShadowLake8.com

                 Kent Washburn                      Kent@ShadowLake8.com

                 Larry Lyon                             Larry@shadowlake8.com

                 Lewis Tilford                          Lewis@shadowlake8.com

                 Rick Eilerts                               Rick@ShadowLake8.com


If anyone has any pictures or articles they would like to have posted in the scrapbook, please send them to photos@shadowlake8.com.


Additional information about the background of some of the SL8 musicians is also available at http://www.garagehangover.com/?q=ShadowLake8 . This is a wonderful website on 60’s “garage bands” from all over the world.