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The Shadow Lake 8 - The Musicians

All of the musicians thru the years were of exceptional quality, and really excelled on their instruments, many of them making their profession in Music. Here is a brief description of what happened to the various members who played in the SL8…..

Jimmy Trease – Was the original leader of the Shadow Lake Eight. Jim spent 22 years in the USAF. In 1977, he became the manager of the 200-member Washington, D.C. United States Air Force Band. Then, in 1980, he was named Command Chief Master Sergeant of Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C. He retired from the Air Force and lives in Gautier, MS with his wife Gini.

Rick Eilerts - Joined the Air Force, and had a long career.  He now lives in NC, and is back to his roots, playing an upright bass.

Larry Lyon - Joined the Air Force and rose to the rank of Colonel.  He retired and lives in Lakeworth, FL with his wife Betsy.

Frank Needham – Lives in Ft Lauderdale with his wife Sally.

Bill Wallace - Became an Architect and moved to the SF area. Bill passed away in the late 90’s or early 2000’s.

Barry Wheeler – Had a long career in the Business World, and lives in Oklahoma City with his wife Linda. Barry passed away in late 2012.

Joe Pyle - Moved to California after graduating from OSU, where he broke into the professional music world, working with the National Theater Co production of Hello Dolly.  He then started working as a backup musician and traveled with various headliner groups including The Righteous Bros, John Davidson and Johnny Tilotson.  He then landed a gig with The Walt Disney Company, performing as part of Disney on Parade, and “just for fun, (as Joe puts it)”, he was principal trumpet for the Kings Symphony Orchestra based in Hanford, CA.  In 1975 he returned to Oklahoma and taught Trumpet at OSU. Joe is retired and lives in Bartlesville, OK.

Jerry Spray - Lives in Daphne, Alabama with his wife Lougene. After a tour in the Air Force he started a career in the Refining Industry as a Certified Piping and Pressure Vessel Inspector which he still does at the Shell Mobile Site Refinery. He has two sons, Jason (married to his beautiful daughter-in -law, Meredith) & Cody. He still plays trumpet in his Church Orchestra every Sunday.

Jack "Kiwi" Land – Got into the Communications Industry and lives in San Diego with his wife Virginia.

Enoch Estep - Taught high school in OK and died in a car accident in the 70’s.

Lewis Tilford - Taught High School and lives in Lawrence, KS with his wife Charlene.

Tommy Keys – Lives in Tulsa, OK

Bill Schooler – Joined the Air Force and got into some very high end Secret Service/ Intelligence with the Pentagon. He Retired from the Air Force as a Colonel and lives in the Washington DC area where he works as a consultant.

Sid Hester - Unknown

Dave Hamilton- Unknown

Jerry Halcomb - Lives in Dallas where he is founded HH Architects 40 years ago. For therapy, he has been playing bass in a Western Swing band for the past 40 years at special events.

Amos Meng - Joined Brenda Lee’s back-up band, then became an accountant in Nashville with Brenda Lee as one of his clients. He currently resides in Nashville.

Terry Mead - Toured with Brenda Lee for many years, eventually becoming her band leader and arranger.  He eventually left the road and became the Trumpet player for The Nashville Network, where he played on the live TV show “Nashville Now” for several years until ill health caused his retirement. Terry died May 13, 2007.

Gary Washburn - Got his Masters degree from Univ of Hawaii, Attended Boston University where he worked on his Doctoral Degree in Music.  He worked in Los Angeles as a writer/arranger for Motown, then moved to Hawaii where he became a composer, musician and school teacher in Hawaii where he still resides.  His award-winning concept of High School Band is unique only unto itself.  It is completely geared toward teaching students how to become popular music performers, many of them moving on from high school into the entertainment industry.  In 2010, Gary was awarded the “Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction Award” and in 2011 the Grammy Foundation awarded him with a very sizeable grant for his unique and outstanding band program. To quote Gary, ”I don’t do Marching Bands… what good is that going to be for musically inclined students in this day and age.  I teach them how to compete in the real music market, “Rock & Roll”. In 2013 Gary became a true "Legend" in Hawaii when he was awarded the distinction of being named "A Royal Hawaiian Treasure",proclaimed by the Senate of the State of Hawaii. Even with his extensive education, Gary attributes his successes as an educator and performer to the years he spent playing with the Shadow Lake 8. "That was my real eduction and what I use as the basis to teach kids the real value of music", states Gary.

Archie Barnes - Toured with Brenda Lee for many years, then eventually moved to Toronto, Canada where he passed away on Father’s Day, June, 19, 2011. Rita Barnes, his sister-in-law, posted a facebook page titled “Remembering Archie Barnes”. There are more photos and comments from fans, friends, and family that tell more about his life and his passing.

Denny “Zoot” Freeman - Toured with Brenda Lee for many years, also played with Jazz Bassist Charlie Hayden, and eventually moved back to the Tulsa Area where he got into the Medical Industry.  “Zoot” (as he preferred to be called), passed away in 2000.

Bing Vassaur – obtained a Masters degree in music from Tulsa University and taught music in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He then returned to Tulsa University to graduate with a Masters degree in mathematics and music computation. His computer music programs were used to produce synthesized music in one of the early computer music conferences held in Tulsa featuring Aaron Copeland.

Dale Roark – joined The Escapades in Memphis with two local hits (I Tell No Lies and Mad, Mad, Mad) produced at the legendary Sun Recording Studio. After touring the South during the summer of 1966 as lead-off band for Sam The Sham (Wholly Bully) he was drafted into the Army. After his 3 year enlistment he earned a degree in Computer Science at the University of Utah and had a very successful 30 year high-tech marketing career. He lives with his wife, Maria, in Eagle Mountain, Utah within a mile of his 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

Bill Hieronymus – went back to school and earned a degree in geophysics from the University of Houston. He became a consultant with several major oil companies and was well respected for his analytical expertise. He was also cited by Downbeat Magazine as one of the premier jazz bass players in America. He passed away on Thanksgiving day, 2008.

Larry Langley - Unknown

Lil Clifford Watson - Lives in Tulsa and travels back and forth to Japan. Still knocking ‘em dead with his Soul/R&B voice.

Alda Moore - Graduated from OSU with a Bachelors degree in Biology.  Although she had intended to continue studies to pursue a career in the medical field, her husband's (Dean Harrington) professional football career took them to Toronto.  She had two lovely daughters.  A few years after the second child was born, Alda began a career as a vocalist working with local bands (eventually forming her own group) playing the carriage trade venues in Toronto and other Ontario cities. She also performed internationally as a solo artist until 1989.  She, then, began work in film and television productions, commercials and print.  She continues in that line of work today.

Kandi Moore - Graduated from OSU and moved to Chicago where she studied Medical Technology at Presbyterian St Luke’s Hospital, then worked there for two years as a Bacteriologist.  During that time, she continued to pursue her singing career and was signed to Jade Enterprises, owned by Al Williams of the Four Step Brothers.  They booked her at various Night Clubs in the Chicago, Detroit Area.  Of note during this time, she was booked on a benefit for the Democratic Party in the famous Cobo Hall in Detroit with Cannonball Adderley, Marvin Gaye, Nancy Wilson and others.  Also, thru her connection with Jade Enterptises, she had the pleasure of making acquaintances with many notables such as Frank Sinatra, VP Hubert Humphrey, Sammy Davis, Jr., Sarah Vaughn, Jack Palance,   She eventually went on tour of the bases in Viet Nam.  Then upon her return to the US, she was paired with Milt Trenier and again traveled the Night Club circuit throughout the US and Puerto Rico. She was featured on the cover of National Insider Magazine, Tan Magazine and also landed the Centerfold of Jet Magazine.  During this time she met and married her first husband, Sebastian Adriatico, and had two children, Asa and Angela.  Eventually, that marriage failed and she moved to California where she went to work for the May Company as manager of the Advertising meetings, and met and married her second husband Felton Williams who recently passed away in 2006.  Currently, Kandi lives in Beverly Hills, CA, hosted a radio show called “Living Life with Sunshine, and is currently negotiating for yet another radio program, the details have yet to be released.  Stay tuned for future updates!

Connie Smith - Unknown

Vicki Beck – Unknown

Mike Bruce- Taught Guitar and played in numerous groups in Tulsa, OK.  Mike passed away in the early 2000’s.

David Riley- Married and lives in Oklahoma.

Kent Washburn - Became a successful record producer, cutting artists for RCA (Charles Drain and a girls group called The Love Set), Warner Bros (The Hypnotics), and Motown (Hi Inergy, Major Lance).  He hit pay dirt with Hi Inergy when they topped the R&B charts in 1977 and their album “Turnin’ On” achieved Gold Record Status in 1978.  Kent left Motown in 1979 and started a Gospel label with a gentleman named Philip Nicholas.  That label was called Command Records, and through the years garnered Billboard’s Album of the Year Award (Gospel) on the album “Dedicated”, recorded by the group Nicholas.  His productions also received three Grammy Nominations, (“Dedicated” by the group Nicholas, This Is My Story” by Vernessa Mitchell, and “Worthy” by Rodney Friend.)  He is married to Barbara, has a daughter, Sandy and a Grandaughter, Taylor. He currently works for Milan Entertainment in LA as Sr VP of Finance and Royalties. Also, he currently has a record deal with Soul Intention Records out of the UK, who is re-releasing his record productions in Europe.  The first release "I Got To Have You" by Otis Williams peaked at #3 on the Soul/R&B 7charts in England. The next release "One Way Ticket" by The Hypnotics was released in 2012, with additional releases scheduled for the fall of 2013. Also in 2013, Kent's entire Gospel Catalog was re-released on his EmKay Records label, through Milan Entertainment, Distributed worldwide by ADA, the independent label distribution arm of the WEA system. Also, a release of "Earth Life: October Full Moon" an 8 piece suite of music for 2 pianos and percussion, composed by Gary Washburn, will be released in late summer 2013 through the same distribution channel. 

Thus ends the story of The Shadow Lake Eight.