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The Shadow Lake 8 Summer of 1965

At the end of the school year in 1965, we had originally planned to go back to Rockaway Beach, but Charlie Daniels (yes, The Charlie Daniels), was a very good friend of ours at the time. (We even did some studio work for him on some stuff that he was doing for the Jewel/Paula Label.  Interesting old stuff to say the least.)

Anyway, Charlie got us a gig at The Vanguard Lounge in Cocoa Beach, FL, a place he worked when traveling his club circuit.  At that time he was known as Charlie and The Jaguars.  When we were on the road that summer, we called ourselves The Jades, but only when we were away from our home territory. The name “Shadow Lake Eight” had far too much drawing power in our four-state area to drop it when we were at home in Oklahoma.

So, we went to Florida (thanks to Charlie).  After our month booked at the Vanguard, another lounge named The Eden Room hired us to be the house band.  There we performed our show, plus backed up Major Artists such as Roy Hamilton, The Angels and Johnny Nash.

The Jades at the Eden House (Cocoa Beach, FL) Summer 1965

The Jades with Roy Hamilton (Unchained Melody) at The Eden House (Cocoa Beach, FL) Summer 1965

The Jades with The Angels (My Boyfriends Back) at The Eden House (Cocoa Beach, FL) Summer 1965

The last stop for that summer was The Rebel Room in Lexington KY, then back to Oklahoma just in time to play all of the Fraternity and Sorority Pledge Parties that occurred right before the school year started. We stayed as the 6 piece group, but used the name Shadow Lake Eight.