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The Shadow Lake 8 in 1965-1966

We returned to school for the fall of 1965, and again played all the Fraternity and Sorority bashes, but were really starting to play more clubs around the area from Springfield, MO, through Tulsa, OK, Fayetteville, ARK, Oklahoma City, OK, etc….

Close to the end of the school year of 1965-66, Bill Hieronymus left the group.  Gary was really handling the Organ so well, that we had him kick the bass parts with his feet, (a rather normal thing for club groups to do in those days).  Bill was replaced by Terry Mead, who had previously left the group to start his teaching career in Broken Arrow, OK.  Terry played Trumpet, so we were back to a 3 piece horn section. 

When we were in Lexington, KY during the summer of 1965 we had met a booking agent named Gene Snyder, who, along with Vi Snyder,  owned The Joni Agency in Louisville, KY.

They were a dynamic Booking Agency for that period of time, and basically controlled everything in and around Louisville when it came to High School and College Dances, plus the many various Night Clubs that existed in Louisville such as “The Patio”, “Colonial Gardens” and “The Office Lounge”. We liked what they had to offer so we made a deal for him to book the summer of 1966 for us.

They put us on the road playing night clubs in and around St Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville and Geneva On The Lake, OH.  Again, we went by the name of “The Jades” while on tour.

The Jades summer 1966